The urgent need for certainty

It is very easy, in fact, to repeat formulas or go from quote to quote, however correct, or to appeal to another to supplement the certainty I lack.

But you have to decide to become adults or not, that is, to live an experience that enables you to stay in reality through the judgment that emerges from experience itself.

The alternative is to fall increasingly prey to all the fears as soon as reality does not coincide with the image you have in your head.

How many times has it happened, that reality is different, maybe worse, than what you imagined?

We need to see before us people who, in their way of addressing life, in their way of facing reality, of acting before the provocations of life, introduce a light, a clarity in the midst of the confusion in the way they live their relationships, work, and circumstances. 
It is there, in the way of facing daily challenges, that we verify whether we have something that helps us to live (that gives us a more intense gusto in living) or if we are disarmed like the others. We need people who incarnate in their lives a real possibility for living the human life of men and women today.