We tend to confuse vocation with something you do.

Vocare: to be called by someone.

The one who calls you has invented all of history to call you, so every circumstance that happens in your life is a chance for dialogue with Him.

When we ask,

Why is this happening to me?

we also ask,

What is he saying to me?

Why is the movement so demanding? because it won’t let you sit down with a couple of reasons that would appease you. You have to get out of your comfort and look for answers.

In time we begin to understand what our desires are, truth, honesty, beauty, love, and we start to see who responds to them. How God is answering these desires in our life, concretely.

You start to ask youself, why do I like this song? this movie? this person?

We’re accustomed to using people, and we realize we don’t want to but it’s hard to stop.

Doing His will is what you desire. Ultimately, and you realize what this means for you life slowly, in time, looking at your experience. So listening, being obedient, we have to grow into something better than what we are now, so here enters the temptation of the world, that often says, if it doesn’t come from you, if it’s not your idea, then it’s not true.

But that’s wrong, the best things in life have come to you, so embrace them.